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    Üks vastus Quora keskkonnast, ettevõtlus kui enda aja võimendus

    The only way to get rich rapidly is to understand the principle of leverage.

    Financial leverage works this way. You spot widgets for sale in bulk for only a dollar. You know where you can sell them for two dollars. You've got a hundred dollars, so you buy a hundred and make back $200. If you had borrowed $100 from your banker, paying back $110, you could've bought two hundred and cleared $300 for your total outlay of $100 plus $10 in interest, quite a bit better return on your investment.

    Leveraging your time works this way. I hired a window washer for my store for the customary $20 out of petty cash. It took only twenty minutes to complete the job, so that represented a lot more than the $7/hour I paid my sales clerks, but the idea was, he provided his own tools and supplies which he had to lug around and spend time selling his services.

    The next time he came to wash my windows, he was in a suit. He took the $20 bill and left his associate behind to do the work. As I walked around downtown, I could see as many as three of his associates working at one time. Let's say there were just three. How does this work?

    Working for himself, if he really humped it he could land twelve jobs on a good day, or $240 [=$600 in 2014]. By hiring workers and focusing on sales himself, they could each handle fifteen or more jobs a day. He's paying them $7/hour or about $4 per job, which means he's clearing $16 per job for himself, or $720 a day, cash [=$1800 in 2014].

    What do you do with all that money when savings isn't paying? Buy things that will appreciate in value. When you can leverage your time and your money and then put your money to work, you are on the road to riches. Many people make the mistake of looking for a high rung to catch onto, a position worthy of their education and experience. Something as humble as window washing, leveraged, is a surer road to financial security."


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      Küss ja vastus Quorast taas: Miks väga rikkad inimesed edasi töötavad?

      "Hah! that age old question that perplexes so many people.

      The irony of it. You sit at home watching a CNBC interview with an old billionaire working ridiculous hours on a merger-acquisition deal. You just can't get why is he doing it? Working crazy hours when he already has so much. He must be a greedy idiot. Thats the only logical answer, right?

      The truth is, the beach bum, who appears happier than a sand boy is probably the last person on earth able to make alot of money. Even though he has a perfect plan of what he would do with it. He would be hanging out drinking tequila with his buddies and surfing all day long. He is convinced, having money would make his dreams come true.

      If he won a million in the lottery, which is probably his only chance, he would be relaxing at home or surfing on his new custom board and partying, like you described. Well at least until the money ran out 24 months later.

      At the other end of the spectrum is the successful entrepreneur. He loves doing business, new challenges, creating value and finding solutions to difficult problems. That is his hobby, often to the exclusion of his family and friends.The money is just a side effect of what he does. And like any good professional, he enjoys what he does and he wins a lot. He only requires money to enable his hobby, but he has enough money to sustain a small country.

      If the Entrepreneur won a million in the lottery, he would just put the money in his portfolio with his other cash and bitch about the extra taxes he had to pay. He has to stay busy, he can only relax for a few hours before he gets bored.

      So people who think money is the solution to everything, think again! If you really enjoy what you are doing, you just need enough money to keep you comfortable. Above that, its just extra.

      We have 2 distinctly different personalities. Both wonderful in their own right, jealous of each other in some ways with totally different goals in life.

      Im sure we all know people in both camps. I certainly do.
      The moral here is - Find time to embark on a career you really enjoy and you will never work a single day again!

      Both types of people are pursuing their hobbies. If the Entrepreneur was a gifted guitar player instead, would you expect him to quit playing after learning 1 song? Or if he was a talented painter, quit after doing one good portrait? Of course he wouldn't, it's just because the side effect of his hobby makes him a fortune in cash that makes the situation frustrating to you.

      Which is better? Probably a combination of the two personalities. But, whatever camp you are in, as long as you have your health and family, you pretty much have it all.

      All that needs fixing is your perception of life. By listening to the voice in your head, you can put back in perspective thoughts that makes you jealous and cause you to spend time chasing untenable goals. Its just an unrealistic dream. Focus on the now, and what you can achieve with what you have. Surround yourself with people that have their feet firmly planted in the reality of life and can motivate you to do your best.

      Of course if you have the opportunity and skill to chase a dream, you must go for it. But clearly understand the consequences of the task you are undertaking and have an exit strategy in place.

      Having been in both camps in my life, I have now come to the conclusion that I already had everything I needed 20 years ago, but I just didn't know it or appreciate it.

      Only your perception of your life counts, thats why taking booze and drugs feel great, you suddenly enjoy what your doing and your good friends, but only for the short time your wasted. With a good life strategy you can have that euphoric feeling permanently with no bad side effects.

      Yes, when I was a student and for a few years after, I was that person. I hated working for other people and was only interested in my hobbies. Then one day it dawned on me that the fastest and easiest way to get to do what I wanted every day and never work again, was to make a lump of cash so I could retire early. It worked out. I quit the rat-race at 44 and have been playing ever since.

      The irony is, in order to be lazy, relax and do your hobbies in your life, you need to get your ass in gear, learn a skill and then work hard to make money when you are young. Its the world best motivator, in order to incredibly lazy, work hard now, while you have the energy.

      To put what I'm saying in perspective, imagine you started a new job and the regular hours was Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
      After working for a few months, your Boss comes up to you and says. "I see something special in you. I could use your talents. If you're willing to work on my special project 7 days a week, 12 hours a day for the next 12 months, you can take the next 10 years off with pay". Contemplate that! Put the work in now and you can really kick back and enjoy life. What's the alternative, what does nearly everyone else do?

      Likewise, if your life is focused mainly on helping others and giving back, think how much you could do if you had all the free time and money you wanted. Use that inspiration to take care of yourself first so you are better equipped to help others.

      Sadly though, out of everyone, lazy people often end up working the most, at the toughest jobs and for the longest time."


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 feilinud startupid koos probleemi kirjeldusega. Kel huvi selle teema vastu, tasuks kindlasti tutvust teha.


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            Cashflow Eesti klubi poolt tehtud finantskirjaoskuse baaskoolitus "Miks hakata ettevõtjaks?" videoformaadis.


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              See on rohkem startupinduse kohta, aga käib ka siia alla. Startupindus pole lihtne:


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                Me siin majandajaga oleme aktiivsed ettevõtluse propageerijad, aga tuleb kasuks ka mündi teist külge näidata. Ettevõtluse negatiivsed otsad on välja toodud selles Quora artiklis:


                See on raske ja nõuab kõvasti tööd, enese täiendamist aladel, millega pole tõenäoliselt kunagi kokku puutunud. Hea uudis on see, et pole neist igaühes magistrikraadi vaja edu saavutamiseks, enda näite puhul olen paljude nende aspektide puhul lugenud 2-3 asjalikku raamatut läbi, blogiposte ja artikleid, nt mis vigu on tehtud nendes aspektides, mis töötab mis ei tööta. Alustava ettevõtte käima tõmbamiseks sellisest tasemest piisab täiesti kui oskad seoseid luua, õpitud näiteid enda ettevõtte konteksti panna ja siis võtad esile kerkivaid probleeme väljakutsetena ning neid lahendama hakkad.


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                  Väike-ettevõtja puhul on madalate maksude jutt Eestis müüt:

                  Samas nagu kommentaaridest välja toodi, siis see ärimudel meenutab siiski rohkem hobi kui ettevõtlust. Kui ärimudeliga maksimaalne päevakäive jääb ikkagi €100 juurde, siis see pole väga ärimudel. Tuleks kiirelt toodet korrigeerida odavamaks või lihtsamini-kiiremini tehtavaks, marginaale tõsta ja käive ka kuidagi taha saada. Dividendide võtmine ei ole tegelikult mingisugune "sahkerdamine" või petmine, see on täiesti seaduslik ja mõistlik raha ettevõttest väljavõtmise vorm, maksud kõik makstud. Ettevõtte eesmärk ei ole ikkagi maksimaalne maksukulu, eesmärk on ettevõtja ära elatada ja siis sealt edasi vaadata sõltuvalt eesmärkidele.

                  (edit: kuidagi FB's hüppas see vana artikkel ette, ei vaadanudki kuupäeva).


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                    25 raamatut ettevõtluse kohta:

                    Eks vaieldakse, kas ettevõtlus on õpitav või kaasasündinud oskus. Mingid omadused peavad inimeses olemas olema tõenäoliselt, korralik töövõime, positiivne maailmavaade, soov võtta vastutust, tahe midagi saavutada jne. Kindlasti on see aga arendatav oskus, seda saab järjest paremini teha.

                    Kuidas PRi odavalt saab:

                    Tegelikult saab alustav või toimiv väikeettevõte teha päris paljusid asju tasuta või minimaalsete kuludega ja kallim lahendus ei too tingimata paremaid tulemusi.


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                      Asjalik kirjatükk juhtimise kohta:


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                        Palkamise kohta:


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                          Originally posted by MadisM View Post
                          Asjalik kirjatükk juhtimise kohta:

                          Kuigi see oli pikk ja esimene kord jäi pooleli, siis nüüd lugesin mõttega selle läbi. Kulus 25 minutit, aga oli seda väärt. Tänud hea lingi eest


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                            Koosolekute efektiivsemaks muutmine:


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                              Richard Bransoni 40 soovitust ettevõtjale: