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    30 võimalust töö kõrvalt lisaraha teenida:


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      10 Mõtteviisi häkki, millega enda aktiivseid tulusid suurendada. Kusjuures vägagi tõsi:

      Esimesed kolm pointi siia kah, ei hakka tervet artiklit kopeerima:

      "1. A new perspective.

      Billionaires allow their self-image to precede their reality -- they know exactly what they are going to accomplish, what they are capable of achieving, and what they want from every area of their life.
      2. Produce richly.

      Billionaires are producers.
      To consume richly one must produce richly.
      Produce valuable products and services that significantly add value to people's lives. When you can do this, no longer will you need to introduce yourself as people will already know your name.
      Do the opposite of those who are addicted to the consumption mindset.
      Consumer versus Producer
      Take a class versus offer a class.
      Borrow money versus lend money.
      Job search versus hire people.
      Buy products versus sell products.
      3. Persistence.

      There are two options in life: you can become mentally tough or give up.
      Mental toughness is an investment of persistence, like watching grass grow or buying a bond. It requires playing the long game and having the patience to wait for results.
      Billionaires drop the need to be liked early on. As Voogd explains, when you stop worrying about what others think of you, that is when you start to see "real success."
      People give up due to impatience, failure, and an addiction to results."


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        See artikkel on puhas kuld, mitu väga head pointi, tasub lugeda.

        "Talent is important, but success is also based on persistence, focus, and standing fast in the face of criticism. Fortunately, mental toughness is something you can develop."


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          Tom Corson-Knowlesi vastus küsimusele, kuidas saada edukamaks kui igas valdkonnas sinust edukam inimene:

          " So you want to outcompete people who are smarter, better looking and more experienced than you?
          No problem!
          All you have to do is outwork them.
          Will Smith said, "if we both get on a treadmill either you're going to get off first or I'm going to die trying."

          Most people just aren't willing to work that hard. Sure, they'll show up for the job interview and maybe practice in front of the mirror for a few minutes, but they won't do hours and hours of research and prepare for weeks. They won't wake up early and stay up late working on their dreams.
          So while all those smart, good-looking, experienced people are waiting around for the next opportunity to come their way, you can outwork them and create your own opportunities.
          In a few years, you'll be that "smart" person everyone looks up to. But you'll be different. You'll know it was your hard work, your inner strength and your commitment to living a great life that made you successful and brilliant - not luck or good genes."

          Mitu head vastust veel:


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            Kaks linki online'is lisatulude teenimiseks:



            Asjalik lugemine kuidas reaalselt võimalik lisapappi teenida, vägagi tehtav ka töö kõrvalt. Nett on materjale täis ka kuidas neil aladel areneda ja tulusid tõsta.


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              Hea lugu kuidas noor Eesti kutt kooli kõrvalt netiturunduses korralikuks tegijaks on kasvanud:

              Tema leht ka kus aitab teistel sama saavutada: